We have four offices located throughout the West of Scotland and have 25 staff and partners between our various offices. A presence at a local level is important but what makes our people different is their approach. We combine real business acumen with a commitment to providing expert legal advice. We have extensive experience across our practice areas to work in partnership with each client, and work towards the achievement of their business and personal objectives. Our partners have various individual talents and areas of law in which they specialise. Unlike many other law firms, however, our partners have all worked at some time or another in general practice and can advise most clients on most aspects of the law. That means that our clients can receive solid advice at the outset of a case from any one of our partners and, where appropriate, the case will be allocated to the lawyer within PRG best qualified to achieve the result that the client seeks. We like the personal touch with the specialist approach. Experience shows that the client likes that too.