About The PRG Partnership

Our approach to giving advice and getting deals done is both commercial and practical. In every case, we aim to operate as a constructive and effective force in achieving the objectives of clients. Our clients want solutions to problems. It is our job to deliver solutions in a way that can achieve results. We work smart, but also hard, and will pull out all the stops to get things done on time and on budget. And we work far beyond 9 to 5 to achieve that.

We believe in being open – if there’s a problem, we will tell you. But we will also tell you how it can be resolved and advise you of any risks attached. And we’re not afraid of giving our view – after all, that’s what we get paid for.

Our commercial clients span a range of industries, from property developers, banks, retailers, housing associations, technology companies and many other businesses. We also advise individuals and families. Indeed, unlike some law firms, we are proud to be lawyers both for commercial clients and as lawyers to families and private individuals. Often the two coincide. Either way, we believe in building long term relationships. We take the time to understand how all of our clients work and what they want to achieve. We provide an individual service based on years of general experience.

Put simply, we are good at what we do.

The core of our service has always been the exceptional talent of our individual lawyers. We recruit people whose intellectual ability is matched by equal measures of common sense and a determination to fight the client’s corner. And we know the law!

To compete successfully in today’s marketplace we have to function as an efficient business. But we also take great pride in our status as members of the legal profession in Scotland. Whatever business pressures there are, the highest standards of integrity and professional ethics are delivered to our clients, to our fellow professionals and to the courts.

That, in short, is our mission statement.

We are regulated by the Law Society of Scotland and are registered for VAT No. 261 0190 02